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My name is Gregory Brown and I’m your advisor here for WCFS Annuities.  I’ve been licensed as an insurance producer for over 30 years and I have seen everything.  I’ve met with thousands of retirees over my career and what prompted me to put together this comprehensive web sight about annuities were a number of reasons:

  1. The overwhelming lack of knowledge available today among consumers regarding annuities. When you think about it annuities are not discussed nearly as much as stocks bonds and mutual funds.  They are commonly not offered in 401k’s, so the majority of people don’t really understand that much about annuities.
  2. An annuity has to be purchases from a licensed agent, and a large majority of agents don’t take the time to really understand the products they are selling and unfortunately many clients aren’t getting the best option available.  There are also some agents who don’t fully explain product details and many times a consumer will purchase an annuity thinking it does one thing only to find out later that it is totally different.  Other agents don’t care at all about the client and will only sell them the product with the highest possible commission. I’ve seen far too many of these situations over the years.
  3. Lastly annuities have been discredited over and over again by the financial media, who most of the time will take generalities regarding an annuity and use it to disqualify all annuities. Many people have since rejected the idea of using an annuity, based totally on the negative reporting they may have read over the years, when in fact an annuity may have been their best option based on their own circumstances.

I want to provide you with more of my personal background. There are a few things that I am very passionate about:

  1. Doing what’s in the client’s absolute best interest. I am also licensed as a Fiduciary with a series 65 license, and the most important rule as a fiduciary is making sure the client’s best interests are served.
  2. Product Details. I’m a very under-the-hood, nuts and bolts guy, and I always take the time to validate and get a full understanding of products to make sure they are all they cracked up to be. Over the years this has helped me tremendously to indentify the good, bad and the ugly, when it comes to annuities.  I have also been fortunate enough to be part of an advisory group for product development for a leading annuity carrier.  

So take the time to browse through and read up as much as you can before deciding to purchase an annuity.  If you would like another objective opinion email us your questions and concerns and we will be glad to help!