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You NEED An Investment Advisor

t is absolutely essential that you work with a Professional Retirement Advisor, not only for current and future advice, but also to build a lasting relationship with someone you trust. Proper advising consists of providing innovative solutions and strategies specifically tailored for individual client needs. At West Coast Financial Services we take great pride in serving our clients before and ...
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Assessing Your Risk Tolerance

How much RISK will your retirement plan allow? In the arena of financial planning it is absolutely critical that your investment strategies are in alignment with your risk tolerance. Take a glance at the chart below to see if your portfolio is at a dangerous or healthy level of risk.  
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Your Financial Risk Cycle

At West Coast Financial Services, our concern is to always help retirees allocate their assets to match their risk tolerance. This is vital because more often than not retirees are exposed to more risk than they are comfortable with or aware of, so we help fix that problem. Below you will find The Financial Risk Cycle, which shows each age group’s calculated risk tolerance level. Note, these ri...
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Tactical Wealth Management

Loss prevention and volatility stabilization couldn't be more critical to an investment portfolio’s success. We have found that it's incredibly difficult to see long-term financial success when portfolios get caught up in sudden and devastating market declines that erase previous gains. Taking major leaps backwards after years of progress doesn't make financial sense. Our goal and philosophy i...
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