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A Complete Financial Risk Cycle

At West Coast Financial Services, our concern is to always help retirees allocate their assets to match their risk tolerance. This is vital because more often than not retirees are exposed to more risk than they are comfortable with or aware of, so we help fix that problem. Below you will find The Financial Risk Cycle, which shows each age group’s calculated risk tolerance level. Note, these risk...
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WCFS Annuities

"Everything You Need To Know About Annuities" Robust Education for Annuity Planning After assisting hundreds of retirees for over 30 years this comprehensive guide was put together for a number of reasons: The overwhelming lack of knowledge available today among consumers regarding annuities. When you think about it annuities are not discussed nearly as much as stocks bonds and ...
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WCFS Retirement

"Retirement Planning You Can Count On" Comprehensive Planning In All Aspects Our philosophy is this: Find out what our clients want their future to look like, then make it a reality. To accomplish this we work in tandem with our clients to discover their goals and needs, develop a comprehensive plan, and work on implementation. When we are able to come together with clarity and commu...
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WCFS Investments

"Step up to a Higher Level Of Investment Management" World Class Money Managers We use the best managers available to provide Dynamic and Tactical Strategies to capture positive returns in bull markets, and protect capital in market corrections..the best of both worlds! This information is brought to you by:
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