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Order of Returns Risks Within an Income Portfolio

One of the elements that greatly magnifies the withdrawal risk is the Order of Returns Principle. When your portfolio has losing years it can affect its ability to last through life expectancy more than anything else. The graphs below illustrate this. What’s interesting to note about this graph is that both portfolios earned 8.03% and both Ron and Barb withdrew the same percentage for incom...
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How Much of Your Retirement Savings Can You Afford to Lose?

  Of course when most people answer this question they will usually say, “I can’t afford to lose any of it!” So, with a retirement portfolio that has exposure to the stock market in the form of individual stocks or stock mutual funds, let’s first define a loss.  The easiest way would be when you receive your next month’s statement and you see that your portfolio value has dropped from...
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How Are Social Security Benefits Taxed?

How Are Social Security Benefits Taxed? A lot of people wonder if their Social Security benefits are going to be taxed, and if so at what rate?  Well the answer is it all depends on what you have coming in for income from other sources.  To find out you need to calculate your Provisional Income.  Nothing’s easy with the IRS right?  Let’s see how to figure this out: So Just What is Provisio...
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