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5 Reasons Why You Need An Estate Plan

   You Need An Estate Plan. Here's why... Avoiding Probate. We have all heard that this is something to avoid, but what are the problems with probate?  The main ones are the unnecessary costs, and the potential time delays that can tie up assets.   The good news is with good planning it can be easily avoided. Determining Beneficiaries. Without an estate plan, your assets will often...
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Benefits of Using A Revocable Trust

A Revocable Living Trust also known as a Grantor Trust, is commonly used in the estate planning process and has a number of benefits over a will. Avoids Probate. The probate process can be very expensive, often with a cost of 1 to 3% of the estate value.  Also time delays can be between 6 months to over a year in some cases before the assets are finally distributed.  In some cases if the ...
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What is Probate?

What is Probate? Probate is the legal process that governs how a deceased person’s assets are distributed upon their death. One way to think about the probate process is that it acts as ‘the script’ for how things go after someone passes away. How Does The Probate Process Work? The probate process will depend on whether your state has adopted the Uniform Probate Code (UPC). The UPC is an act ...
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