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You NEED An Investment Advisor

t is absolutely essential that you work with a Professional Retirement Advisor, not only for current and future advice, but also to build a lasting relationship with someone you trust.

Proper advising consists of providing innovative solutions and strategies specifically tailored for individual client needs. At West Coast Financial Services we take great pride in serving our clients before and throughout their retirement years.

Retirement planning presents an entirely different set of issues than one faces during the accumulation phase of their life. Most advisors focus primarily on portfolio management and consequently do not provide the planning needed to solve complex and important challenges a retiree will face during retirement.

Does your Financial Advisor still reach out to you?

We understand the concerns retirees face when it comes to working with a financial organization. “Can we trust this firm? Do they have our best interest in mind?” These are appropriate questions. West Coast Financial Services has been accredited by the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating and our advisors are members of the National Ethics Association.

Our Registered Investment Advisory firm, West Coast Capital Management, is held to a fiduciary level of responsibility to recommend strategies that are in the best interest of our clients, not the firm. We understand trust is the most important factor and we are fully committed to demonstrating our ethics and professionalism to earn your trust.

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