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What Separates West Coast Financial Services from most financial organizations is that we are independent.  This has been our mission from the beginning. We believe that retirees cannot get the solutions for their unique needs from an organization that only specializes in a few of the areas they will be faced to plan for. Our independence gives us every option available to best serve our clients.

Our retirement planning philosophy consistently proves to be successful, despite difficult economic conditions & unstable markets.  Our philosophy is this: find out what our clients want their future to look like- then make it a reality. To accomplish this we work in tandem with our clients to find what they are comfortable with, how they feel about risk, and what they expect from us. When we are able to come together with clarity and communication, its amazing what we are able to accomplish.

West Coast Financial Services has an unmatched approach to managing wealth.  Our concern is to always help retirees allocate their assets to match their risk tolerance. This is vital because more often than not retirees are exposed to more risk than they are comfortable with or aware of, so we help fix that problem. We also eliminate unnecessary fees. Most retirees are tired of highly commissionable investments that diminish their overall return- we are too, so we have alternatives. Lastly, managing wealth is a serious responsibility. We only use the most secure and highly regulated institutions who have a history of success and client satisfaction.

Being distinct is not always about what you do, but what you don’t do.  West Coast Financial Services does not ascribe to the investment mentality of commercialized brokerage firms. We believe that if you want to be in the market, it should be in proportion to your age, time horizon, and your true risk level. We also don’t believe that retirees should be sold highly marketed, special interest driven financial products that only benefit the firm, not the client. We abhor the common practice of “one-size-fits-all” investing. Commercial institutions are notorious for placing client assets in the same products their last customer is in, even if their financial objectives are completely different. Avoiding these “do nots” of retirement planning has merited us as a respectable and trustworthy organization that our clients appreciate. The level of commitment and involvement we provide reminds our clients of the value of working with an independent advisory firm.