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Important Rollover Information For Your IRA’s & Qualified Plans

Important Rollover Information For Your IRA's & Qualified Plans There is a a lot of confusion regarding all of the rules regarding moving money in or out of retirement plans and IRA’s.  With the potential consequence of having funds that have never been taxed, to all of a sudden become taxable income, creates fear and trembling among many people.  Let’s dive into the do’s and don'ts reg...
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What Exactly Is A Will And How Does It Work?

According to Investopedia: A will is a legal document that states your wishes regarding the distribution of your estate and the care of any minor dependants. It is recommended that you use a will that is signed  and witnessed, so that your wishes are recognized in a court of law. There are different types of wills, which include: 1. Testamentary or self-proving will is a written will that i...
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