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Order of Returns Risks Within an Income Portfolio

One of the elements that greatly magnifies the withdrawal risk is the Order of Returns Principle. When your portfolio has losing years it can affect its ability to last through life expectancy more than anything else. The graphs below illustrate this. What’s interesting to note about this graph is that both portfolios earned 8.03% and both Ron and Barb withdrew the same percentage for incom...
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How Much of Your Retirement Savings Can You Afford to Lose?

  Of course when most people answer this question they will usually say, “I can’t afford to lose any of it!” So, with a retirement portfolio that has exposure to the stock market in the form of individual stocks or stock mutual funds, let’s first define a loss.  The easiest way would be when you receive your next month’s statement and you see that your portfolio value has dropped from...
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Life Is More Enjoyable After Retirement

  "Enjoyment of everyday activities increases after retirement, a study from Australia has found."   The heightened level of enjoyment lasts at least a year after a retiree stops working full time, researchers report in the journal Age and Ageing. There is conflicting evidence about changes in enjoyment and happiness when people retire, coauthor Tim Olds of the University of ...
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Will Social Security Be There in the Future?

This is a very important question when deciding when to take your Social Security benefits and no one know the exact answer to this so let’s look at a few facts to consider to help provide some clarity on this issue. The overall consensus it that the Social Security Trust Fund will run out of money in the year 2034 which at the time of this writing is only 17 years away.  This sounds pr...
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WCFSRetirement is approaching launch!

Welcome to our state-of-the-art Retirement Planning platform. We are nearing the completion of this wonderful blog-site. Our goal is to provide you with most relevant, innovative, and life changing content that will bring long-term financial success to your doorstep. Look no further, WCFSRetirement is on its way!
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