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What is an Income Rider?

The newest feature annuities are promoting is the Guaranteed Minimum Income Benefit Rider, or also known as the Guaranteed Minimum Withdrawal Benefit Rider, or simply the Income Rider, which we will use in this analysis for simplicity’s sake. Let’s take an in-depth look at just how these riders work and see if it is something you should have. Originally annuities were designed to provide a ...
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Types of Annuities Part 4: Variable Annuity

The variable annuity is really just an option to use mutual fund type of investments within an annuity. Depending upon the choices used within the annuity, the account value can be very risky if stock mutual funds are used or fairly conservative if bonds funds are used. Fees There is no doubt variable annuities (VA’s) can have high fees and this has raised a lot of red flags throughout t...
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Annuities’ Grand Design: Guaranteeing Income In Retirement

Longevity and good health should be the goal for all of us and it shouldn’t be adverse to our financial situation, but it can be. Because retirees are living so much longer, they also run the risk of outliving their portfolios, especially with today’s market conditions. Modern mortality tables show that there is a 50% chance that a surviving spouse will live to age 92 and a 25% chance that they wi...
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