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Annuity Strategies


This section is devoted to finding out all of the ways an annuity may work within a client’s overall financial plan. It really is remarkable how many different uses annuities bring to the table and how many needs they can provide for the right situation!

This will help you to determine if an annuity is a good choice or not, and if so, helping you see how it may fit into your scenario.  As you develop questions, let us know what they are and we will be happy to take the time to explain them in detail.  Helping people along the way with truthful candid information is what we love to do!

Below is a list of the Annuity Strategies Articles:

How an Annuity Can Lower the Tax on Social Security

Using Annuities to Set up the Multi-Generational IRA

Long Term Care Benefits With Annuities

The Annuity as a Bond Alternative

Annuities’ Grand Design: Guaranteeing Income In Retirement

Fixed Annuities as a CD Alternative