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How To Choose The Best Annuity

Let’s suppose you have already decided you would like to purchase an annuity. So how do you pick the right annuity? What should you be looking for and how do you know the annuity that you are looking at is the best option available to you within the many products available in today’s annuity marketplace? The key to this is you have to determine the financial objective you are trying to achi...
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American Equity Bonus Gold

At first glance, the opportunity to receive a 10% bonus is a very attractive, but beware... This annuity has a very long surrender period! One of the longest in the industry today, this annuity has very low caps and participation rates. This is not an accumulation product so, unless your looking to add the Lifetime Income Benefit Rider and you have determined that YOU NEED the rider, don’t expect ...
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Security Benefit Secure Income Annuity

The Secure Income Annuity (SIA) was introduced in March of 2011, by Security Benefit Life Insurance Company. The product was designed in conjunction with another Topeka based company, Advisors Excel, one of the largest annuity wholesalers in the country. Designed to be one of the most competitive annuities in the Guaranteed Income space, The SIA has turned out to be one of the top selling annuitie...
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