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Types of Annuities Part 3: Fixed Index Annuities

The most recent type of annuity to be introduced, the fixed index annuity or FIA, has quickly become one of the top selling annuities in the marketplace today. It also has been the target of many in the financial services industry, as with its complexity, it has caught the attention of many skeptics. Let’s go over the main features for now and tackle the in depth details in another post “What D...
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What Determines The Returns In An Index Annuity

Let’s look into the crediting methods within the Index Annuity, which is where the rubber meets the road for performance. This is where most investors get lost and either have to shop for themselves, or have to rely completely on their agent to find the best products available. The three most common crediting strategies we see today within Index Annuities, are the Annual Point to Point (AP2...
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Allianz 222

The 222 annuity is the Number 1 selling fixed index annuity in the marketplace today! Allianz Life hit a home run when they issued this fixed index annuity in January 2013. A unique product in the industry, it combines a number of uses within one annuity. With a reasonable 10 year surrender period, it provides accumulation, lifetime income, long term care benefits, and finally an additional death ...
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