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Types of Annuities Part 5: Longevity Annuities (Qualified Longevity Annuity Contracts, QLAC)

A longevity annuity, or QLAC, provides protection against outliving your money if you or your spouse have good longevity. Also known as an advanced life delayed annuity, this type of annuity requires you to wait until you reach age 80 or later, to begin receiving a payout. Once the payout begins, the annuity provides a guaranteed regular amount of income for the rest of your life. These are...
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Athene Performance Elite 7+, 10+, & 15+

With the introduction of the Performance Elite series in 2014, Athene has created a product that ranks in the top five of all index annuity products purchased in 2016. With the primary goal to create a strong accumulation product, they have succeeded in providing one of the best performing index annuities in the industry. With numerous index choices, including solid uncapped Volatility Indexes, At...
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