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fixed indexed annuity

American Equity Bonus Gold

At first glance, the opportunity to receive a 10% bonus is a very attractive, but beware... This annuity has a very long surrender period! One of the longest in the industry today, this annuity has very low caps and participation rates. This is not an accumulation product so, unless your looking to add the Lifetime Income Benefit Rider and you have determined that YOU NEED the rider, don’t expect ...
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Allianz 222

The 222 annuity is the Number 1 selling fixed index annuity in the marketplace today! Allianz Life hit a home run when they issued this fixed index annuity in January 2013. A unique product in the industry, it combines a number of uses within one annuity. With a reasonable 10 year surrender period, it provides accumulation, lifetime income, long term care benefits, and finally an additional death ...
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